Putty X11 forwarding with Windows

Today one of my classmates brought up a interesting question that i never thought about
“How could we get X11 forwarding in Windows using Putty?”

one of the reason I never thought about it is that most environment i was working on….
they are all in text mode… but it definitely good to know how to setup x11 forward in Windows

We tried to enable the “Enable X11 forwarding” option in putty but can’t get it to work.
then after we do some research online we realized that we need to have x server on our Windows
machine. So after downloaded and installed Xming X Server for Windows.
We try again and it works!!

nice to know it 🙂

To enable X11 forwarding in Putty

Open Putty connection and go to Connections --> SSH --> X11
and check the "Enable X11 forwarding" box to enable it

In Linux to enable X forwarding

ssh with X parameter

ssh -X username@Remote_Host