Delete Protected system fonts (Win 7, Win10)

After installed required fonts for our newly installed Win10 computer.
I found the command prompt will show some weird chars for back slash.
After done some google search and poke around, I found a solution. One of the windows fonts cause the problem
usually I could just simply delete it from font fonder..however when I was trying to delete that one.
It shows an error msg saying that font is “system protected….etc”
to delete system protected font we could simply delete the key value from Registry.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → Software → Microsoft → Windows NT → CurrentVersion → Fonts –> “(Font Name)”

in my case font name will be : msgothic.ttc, MS Gothic & MS UI Gothic & MS PGothic (TrueType)

After deleting the reg key and then restart the computer the cmd prompt is back to normal now 🙂